1.) Who is QuickFox.ph?
QuickFox.ph is an express delivery solution to online business sellers in Metro Manila. We offer a user-friendly system for shipment of products and monitoring of sales by just a glimpse.

2.) Are there any requirements before I can use the services of QuickFox?
As long as you are a legitimate online business seller with shipment needs, you may create an account in QuickFox and use the services.

3.) How do I create an account?
You can create an account with just a few steps:
a.) Go to www.quickfox.ph and click Sign Up.
b.) A QuickFox sales representative will coordinate with you to verify details of your information and online business details.
c.) Once verified, you may use your QuickFox account and start booking orders.

4.) How do I book an order?
a.) Log in to your account.
b.) Click Book Now.
c.) Enter the complete details of the transaction of your customers.
d.) Click Confirm to process your booking order.


5.) What are the operating hours?
Our business operations start from 08:00AM to 10:00PM daily (Mondays to Sundays).

6.) What are the cut-off time, pick-up time and delivery periods?

Cut-off Time              Pick-up Time                     Delivery Time
Before 10:00AM      10:00AM – 2:00PM         2:00PM – 10:00PM (same day)
Before 6:00PM         6:00PM – 10:00PM        8:00AM – 5:00PM (following day)

7.) What are the delivery sizes, maximum weight and rates?

Size         Maximum Weight      Rate
Small                    3kg                      Php 100
Large                   5kg                      Php 150

8.) Is there a pick-up charge?
There is no fee for pick-up of packages.

9.) How would I know if a delivery is successful?
You will be able to view and monitor your deliveries real time through your QuickFox account >> Dashboard – Monitoring Page. Your customer shall receive an email receipt of their package once delivered.

10.) If a delivery is unsuccessful, how many attempts will you have the package delivered before returning it?
A delivery is considered unsuccessful during the following circumstances:
a.) The recipient of the package or an authorized receiver is not available during the time of delivery.
b.) The address indicated is incorrect or cannot be found.
c.) Force majeure or acts of God.
In the cases of the above mentioned, a QuickFox admin will contact you for a delivery update and to decide whether the package will be tagged as Return to Sender (RTS) or to be attempted to be re-delivered the following working day when issue is resolved.


11.) How long does it take to have a package delivered?
QuickFox guarantees a one (1) day delivery within Metro Manila.

12.) Is there a minimum number of packages for pick-ups?
There is no minimum number of package for pick-ups.

13.) How should my package look like before pick-up?
Your products should be packed using the QuickFox courier packaging and should be properly labeled with the following:
a. Name of Receiver
b. Mode of Payment
c. Items
QuickFox shall attach your customer’s details and receipt.

14.) What happens if my booked package does not fit your courier plastic?
You can provide your own courier plastic package, as long as it will not exceed
the maximum weight of 5kg. This option is automatically considered as Large and shall be charged at Php 150.

15.) Are there prohibited packages that cannot be delivered?
QuickFox has the right to refuse delivery of the following:
a. Firearms and ammunition
b. Illegal goods (ex: narcotics, including but not limited to marijuana)
c. Explosive materials
d. Corrosive materials
e. Poisonous and flammable liquids
f. Hazardous materials
g. Infectious substances
h. All kinds of liquids that are not properly sealed and packed
i. Any items prohibited by law


16.) What payment options are there for my customers?
QuickFox offers the following payment options:
a.) Cash on Delivery
b.) Credit/Debit Card on Delivery
c.) Pay via Paymaya QR code

17.) What credit/debit cards are accepted?
QuickFox accepts all major cards such as JCB, Mastercard and Visa.

18.) What are the rates for the different payment options?
a.) Cash on Delivery Charge: 3% of the product price
b.) Credit/Debit Card on Delivery: 5% of the amount to be collected
c.) Pay via Paymaya QR code: 3% of the amount to be collected

19.) How and when do I receive my income?
QuickFox guarantees a next working day remittance to any bank account provided through 24/7 online banking, including Saturday, Sundays and holidays.

20.) Is an insurance fee required?
An insurance fee is required to protect your package at all times. The shipping
insurance fee is 1% of the product price.

21.) What is the procedure regarding refund?
Refunds can be made if the items in the package are damaged in the custody of QuickFox.
a. Take a photo of the damaged item as proof.
b. Immediately notify the QuickFox support team.
c. The refund amounting to the product price shall be transferred to your account.

22.) What is the policy in cases of packages that are lost/damaged/stolen?
QuickFox takes full responsibility of packages that are in its custody, from the time of pick-up until it has been delivered to your customer. Items that are
lost/damaged/stolen shall be refunded, for as long as it will not exceed Php 10,000.00 per package.

23.) How can I contact QuickFox in case of other problems and issues?
You can directly contact the QuickFox support team at +63 966 405 8482 to immediately address your concerns.


1.) QuickFox.ph will strictly impose a “No Declared Value, No Refund” in time of claims. We shall not be liable if the seller did not set any value for its product.

2.) QuickFox.ph shall not be liable for lost/damaged or stolen packages from force majeure which include (insert here).

3.) QuickFox.ph warrant a one (1) day express delivery in Metro Manila, except in the cases of force majeure which include (insert here). We will assume operations and delivery as soon as conditions are deemed acceptable and just.

4.) Receipts are available in the system after the package has been delivered.

5.) Seller agrees to verify package status within the day after the package has been delivered.

6.) QuickFox.ph will not be liable for undelivered claims after seven (7) days.

7.) Any monetary claims must be filed within seven (7) days from the date a package was set as delivered. Otherwise, any monetary claim is void.

8.) QuickFox.ph has the right to inspect packages to be delivered for the safety of both parties. QuickFox.ph has the right to refuse delivery for packages containing prohibited items by the Philippine law.

9.) QuickFox.ph will not release packages to anyone aside from the name that is disclosed in the booked package, unless an authorization letter signed by the receiver is presented upon delivery.
The seller warrants that he/she understands and voluntary accepts the terms and condition of this contract.

10.) For products with breakable items and/or containers, the seller is required to wrap the items with additional protective packaging such as bubble wraps. QuickFox shall not be liable for damages for packages without protective packaging.